Corporate Film Production Services For Automotive Company- Auto Ancillaries

Corporate Film Production Services For Automotive Company- Auto Ancillaries


To promote and enhance the corporate brand value of LUCAS TVS through a customer engagement campaign to improve sales.


Internal Audience: Our creative video specialist team helped our clients build up confidence among employees and investors through corporate video advertising and enhanced their brand perception.

External Audience: We provided brand authenticity to customers and developed a strong belief in their professionalism, thereby enhancing the brand perception.


Our study about their technology and other services was gathered from professional experts and managers. Also, we acquire insights and knowledge from the client who has helped us in our research strategies.

We also conducted our research based on the empowering process and its positive impact on the end-users. We made our evaluation based on the research reports given by our client. Hence, taking these resources as the main criteria, we have addressed the legacy of their brand.


Our ultimate goal is to create an impact on the sales and also to take communication initiative directly to increase the revenue. We worked on big data, digital metrics, and online engagement data to drive the communication for better campaign effectiveness.


Our responsibility was to work on brand authentication, so we required elements to prove it. As a marketing company, we pride ourselves on giving affordable marketing service, engaging online presence, and creating good quality design support for our clients. For all of these, we had to ensure profits and communication to be cost-effective. We worked together with the client to drive the short-term and long-term revenue campaign and made the communication simple, clear, and compelling.


Success can be measured in various aspects of the campaign, but we focused mainly on engaging customer’s needs and providing them with an affordable marketing service. For more effective communication, we used some elements from 3D which represented the product, along with advice from experts. Our winning strategy for marketing our services describes the aspects and benefits of the client’s brand.


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