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OTT Advertising To Enhance Brand Value Of The Knee Enhancer – Chondria


To video advertise and thereby promote the brand value of NAKSATRA TEXTILES, a renowned clothing brand exclusively for women.


Internal Audience: We created self-esteem through our creative video advertising among employees and investors to enhance the brand perception of naksatra.

External Audience: We made sure to provide brand authenticity to customers and to build trust among them to buy our client’s products.


Our EFFE team probed the reliability of the company and their way of providing their clothing products to the customers. This information was gathered from professionals of the stores and managers. We also acquired insights and knowledge from the client which helped us further in our creative video advertising strategies. Every individual want to look presentable for any occasion. Keeping this in mind,
we focused our research primarily in such a way so as to engage the customers.


Our utmost aim was to create impact on sales and to take an initiative in terms of communication regarding the brand value in a direct way to customers thereby increasing revenue figures. We worked on big data, digital metrics and online engagement data to drive the communication for video advertising campaign effectiveness..


Our responsibility was to work on brand authentication and also to increase the brand value of our client. For this, we had to work on a lot of digital aspects to create an entertaining and eye catching video content that engages the target audience. As a marketing company, we had to ensure on profits and communication to be cost effective. We worked together with our client to drive the short term and long term revenue campaign and made the communication simple, clear and compelling.


Success can be measured in various aspects of the video advertising campaign, but we as EFFE focused mainly on the aspect of how women can associate themselves with this textile brand. Keeping this in mind, we developed a creative content to attract the target audience and advertise effectively thereby providing customers with good quality clothing material. We planned accordingly and came out with a content oriented output to enhance the sales and ensuring our client satisfaction.

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