Awareness Campaign Services For Online Children Books Store-

Awareness Campaign Services For Online Children Books Store-


To establish, enhance, and maintain the brand value of SMART READERS, a digital platform for selling books with the increased retention of information.


Internal audience: We build self-esteem among the educational consultants and teachers through the simple yet powerful medium.

External audience: We enhance brand authenticity among the decision-makers, learners, parents, and other influencers.


Education needs innovation to keep it more interactive, relevant, and fresh. Every parent has different needs when it comes to their children’s education. They want their children to receive the utmost learning experience.

Our study on credibility and their reliable services satisfies the need of educational consultants, parents, teachers, and other influencers. Also, we acquire insights and knowledge from the client that helped us in our campaign. We made sure to come up with some inventive digital strategies according to the client’s requirements. We created the promotional animation video to enthral the audiences and improve sales.


Our ultimate goal is to create an impact on the sales and also to take communication initiative directly to increase the revenue. We worked on big data, digital metrics, and online engagement data to drive the communication for better campaign effectiveness.


Our responsibility was to work on engaging customers and increasing sales through our customer engagement campaign. We at EFFE work on brand authentication and required elements to prove it. As a marketing and communication company, we had ensured the profits and communication to be cost-effective. We worked together with the client to drive the short-term and long-term revenue campaign and made the communication simple, clear, and compelling.


Success can be measure in various aspects of the campaign, but we focused on the positive impact to engage the parent’s problem and to provide valuable services to empower their children. We planned accordingly and finalized content that explained every aspect and advantage of the client’s book store to develop their sales.


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