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We at Effe are a sociable, fun loving bunch. We get overjoyed with our client success and customer satisfaction. Whenever an issue arises, we always manage to keep our cool no matter how difficult the task is or how many ongoing  projects we may have at that time.

We are easy and fun to work with and we believe, we are the most productive when we work together. We pride in ourselves for the quality of work we do here and not the role we play here.

If we sound like we’re your kind, then please submit your resume below (or) mail to ca****@ef*******.com. We’d love to hear from you. View our current positions below:

Graphic designer

We are seeking for a new Graphic Designer to join our team to create engaging and on-brand graphics for a variety of media. Who is responsible for creating visual concepts and designs to communicate messages, inform, or captivate an audience. You will be directly involved in the entire process of defining clients requirements, experience in using various tools and software to develop graphics for a wide range of mediums, such as websites, print materials, advertisements, social media, and more. It is important that you have a creative flair and strong ability to translate requirements into design.

  • Conceptualizing and creating visual designs based on project requirements and objectives.
  • Developing layouts, illustrations, and other design elements using graphic design software.
  • Collaborating with clients or team members to understand design needs and deliver creative solutions.
  • Selecting appropriate colors, fonts, images, and other visual elements to enhance the overall design.
  • Work with copywriters and the team to produce final design
  • Ensuring designs are visually appealing, consistent with brand guidelines, and effectively convey the intended message.
  • Preparing and delivering final designs in various formats suitable for different platforms or media.
  • Staying updated with industry trends, design techniques, and software advancements to continuously improve skills and knowledge.
Video Presenter - Intern

For those who are fresh and eager to start their career and also the experienced one, this is the place to go. We are seeking a video presenter with a keen interest in the VJ and RJ who can work and create an E-learning video presenter to the children. This platform will be an excellent opportunity to start a career as well as experienced one who wants to acquire more knowledge and experience . This field is full of basic and diverse experience for those who want to become futuristic RJ’s and VJ’s. This platform will be built around your initial career. Effe Consultancy that specializes in futuristic roles such as AR and VR developers.  If you are interested please drop your interested comment and submit your resume.

Requirements / Skills

  • Adaptability .
  • The ability to remain calm under pressure.
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to work with people from all backgrounds.
  • Listening skills.
Product & Business Development Executive

We are seeking for an ambitious and energetic Product & Business Development Executive who is responsible for driving growth by developing new products, identifying business opportunities, and establishing strategic partnerships. You will be the front of the company and will have the dedication to create and apply an effective business strategy, leveraging on data and capitalize on business trends and opportunities. It is important that you have strong communication and leadership skills, are customer-obsessed and ready to solve the changing needs in the market.

• Conduct research to identify new market and client needs
• Develop growth strategy focused market demands and trends
• Employing new strategy to generate leads like social media campaign, digital marketing, advertisements, etc.
• Regular discussion and planning with the manager to generate more strategies and plans to get more traffic
• Well updated about new marketing procedures and following them to earn profit
• Arrange business meetings with prospective clients
• Strong follow ups with clients, full-filling the deadlines & targets on time
• Promote the company’s product/services addressing client’s objectives
• Build long-term relationships with new and existing clients.

Digital Marketing Executive

We are seeking for a passionate Digital Marketing Executive to assist in the planning, execution and optimization of our online marketing efforts. Who can utilize various online channels and tactics to reach the target audience, increase brand visibility, and drive customer engagement. The promotion of products and services through digital channels is a complex procedure with great potential which becomes increasingly useful for companies such as ours.


  • Assist in the formulation of strategies to build a lasting digital connection with consumers
  • Plan and monitor the ongoing company presence on social media (Instagram, Facebook and other digital presence)
  • Launch optimized online adverts through Google Adwords, Facebook etc. to increase company and brand awareness
  • Be actively involved in SEO efforts (keyword, image optimization etc.)
  • Prepare online newsletters and promotional emails and organize their distribution through various channels
  • Provide creative ideas for content marketing and update website
  • Collaborate with designers to improve user experience
  • Measure performance of digital marketing efforts using a variety of Web analytics tools (Google Analytics, Web Trends etc.)
  • Acquire insight in online marketing trends and keep strategies up-to-date
  • Maintain relationships with media agencies and vendors
Motion Graphics & Illustrator

We are seeking for A Motion Graphics and Illustrator who are responsible for creating visually appealing and engaging designs and animations using motion graphics techniques and illustration skills.

• Ability to produce high-quality motion graphics, titles and fully animated videos that adhere to brand guidelines.
• Ability to illustrate, prepare, and organize assets for motion design.
• Ability to build motion graphic templates for editors to amend rapidly.
• Receive assignments from the content team.
• Ensure visual and motion brand specifications are being met in video projects.
• Ensure motion graphics follow our brand guidelines and alert producers and motion lead if their ideas conflict with our brand.
• Collaborate and communicate with the content team.
• Ability to clearly organize projects and assets so other motion graphic artists can step in if needed.

3D Animator

We are seeking a dedicated 3D animator to join our growing company. Who specializes in creating 3D animations for various industries such as safety, architectural, product, promotional, medical and corporates. You will collaborate with other 3D animators to create compelling and eye-catching visuals and enhance quality and delivery the project on time. Your duties will include developing animations for digital platforms to enhance our accompanying text.

Role and Responsibilities

• Select colors, fonts, images, and layouts based on brand guidelines
• Ensure projects are completed promptly and are of high quality
• Suggest and implement best practices and optimizations throughout animation projects
• Collaborate with fellow animators using software such as Autodesk Maya and Blender to deliver a robust final animation
• Use a wide range of media and design software
• Develop computer graphics and animations based on a detailed design brief
• Manage multiple projects within design specs and budget restrictions
• Implement feedback and changes whenever possible
• Create visualizations that convey accurate messaging for the project

Requirements / Skills

• A bachelor’s degree in computer animation, 3D/graphic design, fine arts or a related field
• Proficiency in programs such as Maya, Blender, Lumion, Unreal engine and Photoshop
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Minimum of 1-2 years of experience in animation
• Attention to detail
• Must have flexibility and co-ordinate working with the team.
• Portfolio of work with a wide range of 3D animation and wire framing projects
• Strong analytical, time management, and organizational skills
• Knowledge of animation layouts, typography, print, and web
• Experience with both print and digital media.

3D Generalist

We are seeking a dedicated 3D Generalist to join our growing company Who are specialize to create 3D models, textures, and materials, light and render scenes, animate characters and objects, and composite different elements to produce final visuals. You have to collaborate with the team, troubleshoot technical issues, and manage time effectively to meet project deadlines. And also possesses a broad range of skills and knowledge across the 3D production pipeline, making them versatile and adaptable to different project requirements. You have to be well-rounded artist who can contribute to different stages of the production pipeline and adapt to project needs.

Roles and responsibilities

• Creating 3D models of characters, objects, or environments.
• Applying textures, colors, and materials to enhance the appearance of 3D models.
• Setting up lighting and rendering scenes to achieve desired visual effects.
• Creating animations for characters, objects, or cameras.
• Integrating 3D elements into live-action footage through compositing.
• Problem-solving and troubleshooting technical issues that arise during production.
• Collaborating with team members to understand project requirements and deliver desired results.
• Staying updated with industry trends, techniques, and software.
• Managing time effectively to meet project deadlines.
• Possessing a versatile skill set across various aspects of 3D production.

Requirements / Skills

• Minimum of 1-2 years of experience in animation.
• Highly proficient with professional 2D and 3D software like Maya, Blender, Lumion, Unreal engine and Photoshop.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced team environment where deadlines are essential.
• Must have flexibility and co-ordinate working with the team.
• Relevant experience in creative development using 3D programs, with multiple shipped products.
• Excellent eye for light, shade, color and details.

Concept Creator

We are seeking for a Concept Creator to join our team who is responsible for generating innovative and creative ideas for various projects and initiatives.

Roles and Responsibilities

• You have to collaborate with teams to develop these ideas into tangible projects, campaigns, or products, ensuring they align with the overall objectives and brand identity.
• Need to stay up-to-date with current trends, consumer preferences, and industry developments to create compelling and relevant concepts.
• New ideas and creative skills are essential for success in this role.

Requirements / Skills

• Understanding the concept and bring your creativity.
• Relevant experience in concept development, creative roles, or the specific industry can also be valuable.
• Think outside the box, and develop concepts that effectively communicate messages or solve problems.
• Create your own ideas by visualizing the concept.
• Should be adaptable and flexible in their approach and should be open to feedback.
• Strong organizational and time management skills are important. Should be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously, prioritize tasks effectively, and meet deadlines.

Filmy/Assistant Director

If you are a fresher or experience one who is like to explore this is the place to go. We are seeking for a Filmy/Assistant Director to join our team who is like to explore and experience in this field. Specializes with the plan camera shots, angles, and movements, and operate the camera or oversee camera operators during filming and also helps to create and manage the shooting schedule, coordinate logistics, and ensure all necessary elements are in place. Ability to handle both the role.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the director, producers, and other creative team members to understand the visual style and requirements of the film project.
  • Responsible for lighting department to achieve the desired mood, atmosphere, and visual effects through proper placement of lights, gels, and diffusers.
  • Capture high-quality footage that aligns with the creative vision of the project.
  • Collaborate with the director and cinematographer to achieve desired visual effects and camera movements.
  • Assist in post-production activities, including reviewing and selecting footage, and providing inputs to the editing process.
  • Stay updated on industry trends, equipment advancements, and new techniques to continuously improve your skills and contribute to the overall success of the projects

Requirements / Skills

  • A bachelor’s degree in the related fields or experience as a cinematographer and/or assistant director in the film industry.
  • Technical knowledge of cameras, lenses, and lighting techniques
  • Strong understanding of visual aesthetics and composition
  • Practical experience and a portfolio showcasing previous work
  • Strong organizational and planning skills
  • Attention to detail and multitasking abilities
  • Industry knowledge and familiarity with production processes

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