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Promotional AD For Real Estate – Pristine Prime Properties


To develop and promote the brand value via our customer engagement campaign of PRISTINE PRIME PROPERTIES, specialist in land promotions and selling.


Internal Audience: Our customer engagement campaign created self-esteem among employees and investors thereby enhancing the brand perception.

External Audience: We provided brand authenticity to customers and developed a strong belief in their professional Land selling services.


Our study on the credibility of the company and how they provide their reliable service to customers was gathered from professionals, promoters and managers. Also insights and knowledge acquired from the client helped us in our campaign. People generally have different needs when it comes to buying a plot. We made sure to come up with some inventive digital strategies according to all our client requirements.


Our ultimate end goal was to create impact on sales and also to take communication initiative directly to increase revenue figures. We worked on big data, digital metrics and online engagement data to drive the communication for better campaign effectiveness.


Our responsibility was to work on engaging customers and increasing sales through our customer engagement campaign and so we required elements to prove it. As a marketing company, we had to make sure on profits and communication to be cost effective. We worked together with our client to drive the short term and long term revenue campaign and made the communication captivating and straight to the point.


Our success can be measured by various aspects of our customer engagement campaign, but we as EFFE focused mainly on the positive aspect to engage the customer’s problem and to provide them with a valuable service to invest in the property. We planned accordingly and finalized a content which explained every aspects and advantages of the client’s property to enhance their sales.

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